Thinking with Algebra

    Engaging mathematics curriculum emphasizing mathematical thinking and discussion 


    Mathematics curriculum for developing both content knowledge and knowledge of teaching.

    Program for students and teachers with ready-made assessments and resources. See training on “Using Delta Math” by Jessie Rezba for more information.

    Create your own video screencasts with this easy-to-use and free website. See blog “Screencasting for Educators” by Arlene Vinion Dubiel for more information.

    PhET Simulations

    Interactive science and math simulations for a variety of content and grade levels


    Graphical organizer for displaying large projects and ideas


    Have students post their ideas to a prompt with this online bulletin board by Google


    Transform your Google Slides by adding interactive questions for assessment.


    Create interactive lessons with videos, games, activities, and more on a single platform


    Add questions to any video to increase student engagement and assess student learning

    Online graphing calculator, ready-made activities, and more. See training course “Become a Desmos Master” with Bob Lochel for more information on using Desmos.


    Create multiple choice quizzes for quick problem solving and classroom competitions

    Maria Andersen Playlist

    YouTube channel by Maria Andersen with CAC instructional videos and more

    Anyone can be a Math Person

    YouTube channel of instructional videos by Jessica Bernards and Wendy Fresh

    Pat Reily

    YouTube channel solving practical math problems by Pat Reily


    Tutorial videos by James Sousa organized by course and topic

    Patrick JMT

    Short problem-solving demonstration videos for a variety of math topics, organized by topic

    Authentic & Alternative Assessments

    Webinar on assessment for introductory stats by Kathy Almy and Kelly Spoon from 2021 AMATYC

    Engagement and Motivation Resources

    Working document of publications and resources to promote student engagement and motivation

    Effective Mathematics Teaching

    One-page guide summarizing key points from publication “Principles to Actions” by NCTM

    Graphs in the World

    Graphs in the World Facebook page with updated graphs and questions

    Mathematics Assessment Project

    How to use Classroom Challenges and formative assessment to engage students and promote learning 

    Three Act Tasks by Dan Meyer

    Math lessons that use stories and conflict to engage students in learning – organized by standard

    Desmos Escape Rooms

    Escape Room activities in Desmos with a variety of topics and themes created by Jay Chow